I am Tiffany Love, and I am here as a channel to our guides in Spirit.

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Refilling My Inner Well

My boyfriend is from Massachusetts and has lived all over the state. From Leominster to Worchester, places seldomly pronounced as read. When we first got together, he would talk to everyone and acknowledge their existence.

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Unexpected Blessings

While watching the 2021 Superbowl halftime show with The Weekend, I started getting this message. It came across as a Celtic song sung by a woman. It was beautiful. Initially, I didn’t know why or who had given the blessing to me but soon after, I discovered it was from my Celtic ancestors.

venus lit 2

The Magick of the Lioness and the Candle

Wow, Leo is sneaky. Verrrrry sneaky. I thought I had made it out the wood this last moon cycle, but I broke all the way down on the last night. I maybe overzealously purchased a thicker candle and over anointed it. Or it could have been the crystal grid I giddily put together like an art project; unbeknownst to me, real magick was at play.


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