Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessings

2-12-2021 @ 9:00AM-ish

While watching the 2021 Superbowl halftime show with The Weekend, I started getting this message. It came across as a Celtic song sung by a woman. It was beautiful. Initially, I didn’t know why or who had given the blessing to me but soon after, I discovered it was from my Celtic ancestors.

I realize I seldomly pay attention to my Irish heritage even though for the longest, those roots were the only traceable ones I had. The blessing was a beautiful reminder that despite the history and current global tensions, that they were still of me and I of them. Even though my body doesn’t resemble those of Irish ancestry, that I possess that magick within.

This blessing marks the beginning of my true and full self-acceptance. I share this with you with the intent to share its healing powers. Enjoy.

*Blessings are best read aloud

I bless you with the songs of peace

To bring in and harvest for all eternities

I sing the song of love and joy

To bring forth in all

Our hearts are filled with love and joy

Filling hearts of young and old

Blessings bestowed upon the land

To nurture our motherland

Blessings to all so mote it be

Blessing to harness in our destiny

Blessing blessings wide and far

Blessings for all in their hearts

To mend what once was dark

Bringing light forth for all to see

Blessings bestowed upon you and me

*Blessing from my Celtic ancestors


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