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Healing ourselves so that we may heal the world.

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Everyone is psychic. However, we each have unique abilities, and mine is being a conduit for higher consciousness. I am Tiffany Love, The Golden Phoenix, and I am here as your channel to our guides in Spirit.

As an Earth Whisperer, my work is in alignment with the healing of our planet through the healing of ourselves. The waters need healing. The land needs healing. The air needs healing. We need healing. 

I have worked to understand our relationship with the energetic frequencies we interact with daily. I have training in intuitive development, harmonic frequencies, removing energetic implants/entities/etc., shadow work, akashic records, diety work, channeling, and mediumship.

My readings are set with the intention to speak to a client’s divine light and most true self. They offer clients the opportunity to receive crystal clear, loving guidance surrounding some of life’s most pressing issues from their personal team in Spirit. As a channel, I connect with high-frequency beings, within our universe, who are wanting to help humanity at this time. These beings include, Source, deceased loved ones, cosmic beings, ascended masters, deities, and many more.

Through my direct yet compassionate readings, people can begin taking that first step to look deeper into themselves. I allow Spirit to lead me in my readings, to speak on the areas most affecting one’s life. Sometimes these things are not conscious to the client (South Node issues, etc.) until identified. Spirit often has much guidance and assistance to give through some of the more challenging areas in life, and I act as a conduit between Spirit and you. This allows clients to ask deeper questions and dive deep into the self-discovery process…READ MORE

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Refilling My Inner Well

My boyfriend is from Massachusetts and has lived all over the state. From Leominster to Worchester, places seldomly pronounced as read. When we first got together, he would talk to everyone and acknowledge their existence.

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Unexpected Blessings

While watching the 2021 Superbowl halftime show with The Weekend, I started getting this message. It came across as a Celtic song sung by a woman. It was beautiful. Initially, I didn’t know why or who had given the blessing to me but soon after, I discovered it was from my Celtic ancestors.


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